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High Performance Teams

You NEED your strategic business goals to be BOTH/AND. Developed and agreed to locally (in your department or unit) AND aligned with corporate strategy and goals. “Top down,” “same as last year,” “executive-only” goals aren’t nearly engaging or effective enough anymore.

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To be engaged and true “owners” of their personal and team goals,  people need to be involved.  This can only come about through dialogue and while the dialogue takes time, it will save time in the long run. The following 10 conversations will be the foundation for your team’s strategic success.

  1. history,

  2. context, or current business environment

  3. purpose,

  4. vision,

  5. values & operating guidelines,

  6. strategy drivers,

  7. goals or objectives,

  8. individual styles or preferences,

  9. individual contributions, and

  10. follow through.

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Executive Coaching


Two people meetingIf you are facing change in your career you already know – change can be hard. Transitions can be hard. Personal improvement can be hard.


You want someone safe and experienced to talk to. You want someone who has “been there, done that” to guide you through change with proven techniques and a caring demeanor.


With 25+ years of successful coaching, my clients attest to the positive results.

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Graphic Recording

DYNAMIC and EXCITING  graphics make meetings come alive! As people literally “see” what they are saying ,they feel valued and a part of the conversation. As the conversation continues they “see” what is meant and they often jump to new insights.

Graphics create a shift in the meeting dynamics – From PASSIVE to INTERACTIVE


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