Executive Coaching

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Clear Coaching offers a unique blend of support and challenge to help you reach your professional and personal potential.

We live in volatile, complex, ambiguous and uncertain times. For many of today’s professionals, such a climate challenges their ability to find a way to stay afloat in the everyday struggles and to stay on course with what is planned for the future.

Our coaching will assist you to deal with both current and changing conditions, and both professional and personal endeavors.
We believe that “clarity is power” and that a powerful dynamic is unleashed when we get clear about our intentions and a path forward. This powerful dynamic is within the reach of all leaders. Bruns Leadership Consulting will help you get clear and make progress.

Clear Coaching will help you get clear about your:

Vision – What is your dream?
Values – What is important to you?
Environment – What is going on right now?
Focus – How well are your priorities aligned with your vision?
Emotions – Are you ready for the journey?
Network – Who is on your path with you?
Job – How does what you are doing today fit your future?
Resources – What do you have going for you already?
Plan – How might you get to where you want to go?


Clear Coaching is Principled Coaching

  • Balance – We all enjoy a mix of things: some help us move forward and some hinder our move forward.
  • Contextual – All behavior makes sense in context. Our job is to help you make sense of your context.
  • Direct, specific and non-punishing – You will work in an safe environment with us.
  • Self-directed – You will be the one to determine how far you go and how fast you make progress.
  • Feedforward – We will deal more with the future (that which we can change) than with the past (that which we cannot change).
  • Disciplined – We use proven tactics and tools of consulting in organizations, and adapt them to work with individuals. This is neither “touchy-feely” nor one single approach.
  • Time limited – Our processes are designed to reduce the need for coaching as goals are achieved, not to make you dependent on a never-ending relationship.

Situations that call for Clear Coaching

  • The desire to be successful in transitioning to a new level
  • Wanting to change direction and move to a new career
  • Feeling stuck in your profession but not entirely sure why
  • Needing to know how to build effective working relationships
  • Being unsure of your ultimate career direction
  • Having to handle a very stressful workload
  • Wanting to address issues with problematic subordinates or co-workers
  • Experiencing your present job as “overwhelming”
  • Realizing that your life could have more balance
  • Wishing to lead a team to stronger performance

Proceeding with Clear Coaching

Our coaching engagement will be individually designed to fit your own situation and your own goals. We will provide you a tailor-made process designed to meet your goals in specific and timely ways. The following description of some typical tactics and tools will give you a sense of how we might proceed:

  1. In our introductory discussion we will check our relationship for fit and chemistry. A good coaching relationship will be one where both parties feel comfortable.
  2. We routinely start with a thorough intake assessment and interview. You will complete an inventory of your situation, and we will discuss the results as a way for us to begin identifying your goals and the shape of our work together.
  3. Temperament or style inventories can often be a big help in addressing underlying strengths and areas for development.
  4. Sometimes a structured module (such as “Building Bridges”) is just the right tool to help you build a strong network of peers, superiors, employees, and support.
  5. Homework” can provide specific steps to take, and can give you a sense of accomplishment and provide for meaningful dialogue during our conversations.
  6. Every couple of weeks we will discuss your progress in one-on-one conversations, either in person or on the phone.
  7. Email connects us in between conversations.

What do clients say about Clear Coaching?

Does this method really get the results you want? Listen to what former and current clients have to say:

What a year! I learned a lot, much of it thanks to you, your encouragement and your coaching. Thanks for having enough faith in me to let me figure things out for myself. My self confidence is back.— Sales Executive

Rebecca Bruns is an excellent Executive Coach. She helped me navigate the uncertainty of a career change with confidence and purpose. Other groups I worked with provided me the same vague information and recommended readings they give to everyone. Becky sat down with me to create a personal plan for development that focussed on my strengths and interests. Her practical tools and networking contacts led to interviews and a new career for me in a short amount of time. Thanks again, Becky!— Executive Director

As a human resource professional, I thought I knew all I needed to know about planning and organizing my work and life. Coaching was for other people. That’s why I was frustrated and discouraged when I wasn’t accomplishing my goals. One afternoon with Becky Bruns changed my perspective. Her questions helped me address my biggest challenges and see (for the first time in a long time) the path I needed to take. I am now a believer in Becky’s approach to organizing and acting upon our plans and desires. Becky’s gift is helping people find their way.— HR Professional