Graphic Recording

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  • People get much more involved in meetings where visuals are being drawn live!!

  • People literally “see what is meant” when a meeting includes graphics.

  • Graphics create a shift in meeting dynamics from PASSIVE to INTERACTIVE.

Graphic Recording Is a supportive process or tool. It is a visual method of transcribing both process and dialogue during a meeting. Graphic recording uses BIG paper, it focuses people on the BIG picture, and there are BIG payoffs. When graphics are considered and integrated before the meeting, then utilized during the meeting, and when their value is intentionally exploited after the meeting…the payoffs include:

  • higher engagement in the meeting
  • greater trust among participants
  • enhanced listening and deeper thinking
  • people “see” their contributions and feel validated
  • there is more room for diverse ideas
  • the meeting process and outcomes are more memorable
  • people have a common and consistent way to communicate what occurred.

Rebecca has 30 years experience in strategic leadership consulting, team development, meeting design, and facilitation. For the past 10+ years she’s included graphics in many forms within her meetings to make them more visual, memorable, and fun.  She brings a unique combination of insight and practicality to her work and uses her ability to listen deeply, synthesize, clarify, and keep meetings on track to identify and secure the best possible outcomes.

Prepared Graphics GET and KEEP attention.

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