Thank you again for helping us out last week. Everyone, including me, thought the meeting was a tremendous success. Your facilitation had just the right touch and you walked through all the mine fields deftly. I sincerely believe the meeting will be an inflection point for the company and you were a substantial part of the moment.


Working with Becky you  come away from conversations with practical and achievable things to do within the context of your corporations, with some other consultants you come away with great strategies that can’t be implemented.

Nonprofit Executive Director

We have used Becky several times to visually depict various community planning processes and she delivers every time! Her ability to capture the meetings through graphic recording always raises the level of engagement by participants and provides for more fruitful discussion. I recommend Becky to anybody looking to raise the bar on a traditional strategic planning session.

Industry Marketing Executive

I could not ask for anything more out of the experience. Becky has great insight and is able to help get to the root of items I am working to develop. She has an uncanny ability to pick up on small cues that lead to areas that are not obvious at first, but are at the heart of my development.


I highly recommend Becky. She is the best meeting designer and facilitator I have met in my 27 years of HR work. Her primary objective is to help leaders, leadership teams and their organizations be as successful as possible.  She is currently working with several of our business teams guiding them to set clear direction, align around that direction and determine what gets in the way of reaching their desired outcomes.

 Global HR Leader

Becky helped with commitment & clarity; would have thought it would take 6-9 months to get this (Talent Management Initiative) going and we did it in 3 months! We hit a homerun which we haven’t done in awhile.

HR Leader

We are using the plans and becoming a real team. Talent management has become global, truly the first HR initiative to do so. Really paid dividends. 3 of our 5 priorities (Leadership development, diversity and culture) became corporate priorities after we showed our plans to the management committee.


Let me express my profound gratitude for your partnership in our impactful work (senior leadership team retreat) together. All the comments have been so positive about you. “Exactly the right balance as a facilitator ” sums it up.

Marketing Exec

Becky has helped me to understand myself, my motivations, and my style and how that is being interpreted by my colleagues. With that understanding, I have been able to adjust and clarify my true intent which has helped make our teams more effective at developing and delivering winning products. It has for sure provided a lift in my ability to gain followership.

Architecture Firm Co-founder and President

Pleased and amazed, this was far beyond what I thought we’d do.

Architecture firm vice President

We have a tremendous message that will get me up in the morning.

Chief of Staff

We finished our two-day retreat with Becky on Tuesday.  It was fantastic.  We got so much out of it – already – and are looking forward to practicing the lessons, themes and improvements.  Thank you for the solid advice!

Firm Vice President

No question for me, we’ve met all the desired outcomes. This was a very, very valuable experience and didn’t take very long.

Director of Sensory

Becky did a masterful job in organizing, managing, orchestrating and responding to such an unruly, demanding, critical and potentially divisive collection of individuals. She did a lot in helping to forge a common language, a thread, amongst us all!

Director, HR Planning

Nice job of keeping us focused on track and pulling information out of the participants (that perhaps we didn’t realize we had in us.) Good facilitator without being overbearing.

Society Officer

Thank you again for the outstanding work on facilitating our ACBS strategic planning session. I believe the result was the successful identification of key strategies that ACBS needs to focus on as well as plans to be implemented over the next year. This would not have been possible without your demonstrated leadership, experience, knowledge and wonderful spirit. I look forward to participating in future work that will allow ACBS to reach its goals and hope that ACBS can find a way to continue to use you as a fantastic resource.

HR Director, Fortune 500 Company

Becky, you really put together a great two days for our senior team.  It flowed well and got to the crux of what we needed. You demonstrated a good feel for the group, when things were slowing down or we hit a wall.  We would not have accomplished as much without your direction and help.