About Us

We moved to West Michigan
in 2006. Love the Third Coast,
the Dunes, the People,
and outdoors opportunities.


Clients contribute their knowledge of  their industry, of what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. They contribute energy and intuition about the future, and they contribute their familiarity with each other. We draw these out.

An experience that people remember as productive, fun and full of personal as well as professional growth is a good investment of time and energy.

Organization renewal is not a passive activity. Our “inside-out” strategy is founded on our belief that individuals can best engage in leading organizations when they simultaneously engage in leading themselves.

If participants feel strongly about the benefits of a meeting there is a high chance of buy-in and accountability for success.
For real change clients must engage a critical mass of dedicated and competent change leaders

The necessary momentum will only gather when enough people begin to devote their energy and attention to the desired future state.

Meetings are about relationships. We enter into honest, caring, success driven relationships and value the privilege of becoming part of a client’s team.